Good mornings and how to achieve them.

What makes the morning people look so happy? What is their secret to energy and joy in the AM? As a former night owl turned morning person, I can say the truth is the only thing different is my perspective. I feel positive because I choose to think positive.

Our lives are full of negativity that surrounds us and overloads our senses. Media, life circumstances and personal relationships can all lend to an attitude of negativity. It is so easy to be swept up by the waves of anger and hate this world can show us. If you start your day with a news station on TV odds are you see 3 bad things with maybe one happy story mixed in. This will condition your mindset for the day to be on the lookout for bad all day.

How do I condition my mindset without knowing? While it won’t happen all at once, over a period of time repeat stimulation will create a pattern of behavior. Consider this scenario.

Your day begins with an alarm that is designed to jolt you awake. This creates a flood of negative hormones as the fight or flight response is activated. Then you stub your toe on the way to the bathroom. Now you are in pain and awake. Your body believes it is in danger now. You turn on the news and see a story of a car crash. You don’t get why you feel so grumpy and fidgety at breakfast. Your primitive brain is keeping you ready to run away from a predator. You spill coffee on your nice outfit. Now it hurts more and your outfit needs to be changed. This makes you late to the office.

Sounds like a rough morning, huh? This entire scenario is probably similar to one you’ve had before. What did you think as the day continued? Did you think your whole day was doomed to be bad from the way your morning went? It has in some ways to do with how our body prepares us for the day. If you start with the alarm clock and work your way down to change small things, it stacks up. Over time you can rewrite your own reactions and brain chemistry. You will start to be more confident and productive in your day. All you need is a basic understanding of the whys and hows and there you have it. One happy morning person.

I know I make it sound simple and it is. At first it is hard to remember to try and be positive. That’s why if you have a gentler approach to change it is easier to accept. The alarm sound can wake you up gradually and gently of you find the right one. You can shake off the pain of stubbing your toe if you take a moment to breathe and allow the pain to happen but not completely consume you. Don’t put on the news. Put on a cartoon. You can change your mindset and routine. All you need is patience and consistency. Going back to conditioning it’s all about consistency. Don’t deviate until your behavior is natural.

The last part is allow your self to change. Dont be so concerned with routine that you keep it rigid. Allow for moments that are not apart of the plan. Give your new routine time and adjust as necessary. You can be a happy morning person and then happier in your life.

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