Mother’s day and me

My daughter in her crib.
My son playing dress up.

I am a mother. I brought life into this world twice now. It’s been a crazy journey of ups and downs. My son is now 18 months old. His sister is 2 weeks old. Its amazing to me, that I’ve been given the gift of motherhood. I am only 23 but this is exactly the life I wanted.

My children are my world. I love them with all I am. I always wanted to be a mommy. It’s the best job ever. I have my own mother to thank for the lessons in motherhood that was growing up.

My mother is arguably the best mother ever. I’m sure many people will say that of their own mom and they’re right too. My mom is the best mother for me. It wasnt easy to raise me and help me learn to live with Autism. Yet she did so with pride and I am better for it. I am the woman and mother I am today because of her.

My fondest memories as a child all include my mom. She was always so hands on in my life and helped me to explore the world. I took those lessons in parenting and apply them to my kids. I spend hours a day trying to be like my mom.

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