My choices define my life.

Beauty in symmetry

Today on a drive my family stopped at this orchard and I found myself thinking about life. My life specifically. So many times I have been presented with the opportunity to choose my path and each step I’ve taken has led me to this moment in time. Here in the present I often look back in amazement. I never could have predicted that I would be married and a mother by the age of twenty-three. When I was a teenager I felt as though there wasn’t any point in planning for the future because I didn’t have as clear an idea of who I wanted to be as some of my peers.

While I still don’t have all the answers I am content with who I have become. I lead a fulfilling life and enjoy the love of my family. My husband’s military career is at the start and I have the ability to nurture and grow two beautiful children. There is so much good ahead of me. I honestly can not wait to see what we accomplish. I have considered all the career options available to me and decided to focus of writing. As a kid I could never stop reading and learning. The written word has always held a special place in my heart. With a single stroke of ink entire countries are formed, lives are changed, and most important voices are heard. I’ve always taken a special interest to journalism. I remember in high school, my favorite classes were journalism and creative writing.

I see clearly a picture of my future now. Using the power of my voice and the written word I hope to grow a following and maybe a fruitful career. I like the idea of using my blog as a platform for growth and inspiration. I am by no means an expert on the human condition but maybe I can give some insight to my version of it. Who knows? Maybe in all my travels and experiences I might just give something real to the world.

I have some plans to help elevate this blog so stay tuned for my next post and new content,

Stay clear my friends.

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