On the road today

I find myself unable to sit still for too long. Life is best lived on the move. Never knowing what the next day brings and who you might meet… These are just two concepts that make me excited to travel. Always wondering what lies just beyond the horizon has been a lifelong feeling. While my husband is military we are bound by the rules of the job, and in that way, to one place. As soon as the commitment has been finished we have plans to live the nomadic lifestyle. I would say that this Nomad dream has been ours as a couple since the very beginning.

I remember from a young age loving the road trips my family would take every year. My most memorable emotion is sorrow for the end of the trip. The best moments of my childhood were almost always centered on a trip. In 2013 my sister graduated high school. We went on a three week trip to see Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, Gettysburg and Mount Vernon. That trip I realized what to call my love of the road. Wanderlust! The ever present need and desire to be on the move. That itch under my skin if I stay in one place longer than a few months. As a kid I never knew what to call it and often felt as though something was wrong with me. When we moved to California from Florida, my husband and I got a taste of the nomadic lifestyle. Packing up our entire life and leaving Florida was only hard because of the people we would leave behind. I never truly felt a deep connection to the place I lived. Simply the people there were what made it home.

The drive to California was an amazing trip. We always had the promise of seeing something new each day. I remember sitting in the passenger seat with my husband driving, my son in his car seat and our two cats chilling in the car thinking this was the life. That having the people I loved most and my pets with me was all I needed. No matter where I am if I have my kids and husband with me I will be happy. Some highlights of the trip have to be passing through Arizona and seeing my cousin for the first time since 2008. Another great one was when we made the stop to Biloxi Mississippi and New Orleans Louisiana.

We still have much to do to prepare ourselves to live nomadic. Namely getting an RV to live in that suits a family of four. Once we have that the rest is simply growing accustom to small living and finding multiple income sources. As the saying goes never place all your eggs in one basket. Of course as we learn we will adjust our life to fit our needs but the ideals we have that have led us to this lifestyle are firm. Small living, green living, living life to the fullest and walking on the path less traveled are all the ideals we hold dearest to us. These and not buying into the white picket fence suburbs dream, have made nomadic living the life we want.

I have four more years before I can make this a reality and not just wishful thinking. My husband’s military career was step one on the path to nomad life. That got us out of our hometown. Now we can set aside money and put things into place to give us the most successful alternative lifestyle as possible. We may have these big dreams but we also have to be practical.

The big questions we think about when planing are what matter most. How will we make money? How will we educate our kids? How will we get healthcare? How will we live within our means? Where do we go as the seasons change? What can we do with out? How can we live green and as waste free as possible? What are the drawbacks to our chosen lifestyle?

Answering these questions will help us actually thrive in the lifestyle rather than drown. This is a long term plan. In order to make it possible, being smart and walking into it with eyes wide open is how we have to go about it. Failure is not an option for my family. I know more people have joined this way of life as the years have passed by. I am excited to give my children a unique childhood and for my own experiences yet to come.

Now bring me that horizon!

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