The Garden

A wreath of lavender, rosemary and sunflowers

Today I was able to return to one of my favorite places of all time. The Children’s Storybook Garden and Museum in Hanford California. I am a volunteer at the garden. I had stopped going before COVID-19 due to being put on bed rest for my pregnancy. I missed being there so much.

It truly is my happy place here in California. I discovered it back in January when I was looking for something fun to do locally. My son loves to play there and if I am honest so do I. The garden reminds me of the happiest parts of my childhood playing outside.

As I’ve been dealing with postpartum depression, returning to the garden was much needed. I’ve had some difficulty with my PPD as of late and needed something to focus on other than being depressed. Thus came the idea to return to the garden and volunteer.

Today the lavender and sunflowers were in full bloom. Using my shears I cut some sprigs of lavender, rosemary and some sun flowers to make a wreathe. I enjoyed the task of weaving and binding the herbs and flowers with twine. It gave me time to meditate and relax.

I sat on the porch of the old garden house shaded from the sun with a gentle breeze blowing and worked to make something beautiful. Sometimes we need to take a moment to create something. I was able to give a family the opportunity to make a wreath and hanging bundle of herbs as well.

When I am at the garden my worries go away for awhile. It’s easier to bear the weight of life’s burdens when I take the time to escape to this place of calm and joy. I have friends there that make volunteering even better. I enjoy the conversations and laughter we share.

I look forward to spending my Saturdays at the garden. I can’t wait to watch as the garden grows and maybe in the process I’ll get better too. I truly hope so.

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