Kings County Resources

Kings United Way and Kings Community Action Organization Organization Logos Kings United way I met with the executive director Nanette Villarreal, who will be celebrating eighteen years with KUW, to chat about Kings United Way and what they do for our community this week. I stopped by the office at 125 W. 7th St. Hanford CA 93230 located downtown.  First known as the Hanford aid society and then the King’s aid society, Kings United Way has been a fixture in our community since 1966.  “Originally an organization that ran work placement campaigns and raised money exclusively for charities, Kings United … Continue reading Kings County Resources

Officer Jonathan Diaz

A fallen Hero, end of watch November 2nd 2019. Officer Diaz was a graduate of Coalinga High school and graduated from West Hills College with his associates degree in criminal justice. In July of 2014 he began his law enforcement career in his home town of Huron California as a Reserve Police Officer. Officer Diaz earned officer of the year with the Huron PD in 2015 and then in August of 2016 was hired by Lemoore Police Department. He then went on to earn Officer of the year in 2018 with the Lemoore PD. In his career, officer Diaz was … Continue reading Officer Jonathan Diaz

Clovis PD ride along and tour.

On February 28th I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Clovis Police HQ and then participate in a ninety minute ride along with Corporal Shannon Griffith. My tour was conducted by Ty Wood, the Public Information Officer. He also set up my ride along with Cpl. Griffith.  This encounter began with the tour. We started in the Lobby of the shared Headquarters of the Clovis Police Department and Fire Department. I was taken through to the Police side after admiring the historical image display of Clovis Police officers who have served in years past.  As we walked, … Continue reading Clovis PD ride along and tour.

Catching up with Sgt. Nate Ferrier of Kings County Sheriff’s Office.

Changes within the department, the fleet and more I had the opportunity to sit down with Deputy Nate Ferrier again to discuss changes since our last meeting in August of 2020. The most obvious was the new promotion. Previously, as a Senior Deputy, Sgt. Ferrier’s responsibilities were many and it seems he has gained more. Whereas before, Sgt. Ferrier was only the assistant PIO [Public Information Officer] he has assumed that role completely. “I am also the field training coordinator, court liaison, and he is still the president of the Kings County Sheriff’s Deputies Association. Last interview I was able … Continue reading Catching up with Sgt. Nate Ferrier of Kings County Sheriff’s Office.

Upcoming Events in Hanford CA

List of Events with information and links. Hanford Parks and Recreation Starting March 1st and ending May 31st, Every Tuesday from 11 am until 2 pm there will be food trucks in Civic Park. The food trucks will be in civic park every 1st Saturday of April, May and June from 6pm to 9:30pm. On March 1st registration begins for the Kids Spring Camps. See Link for more details. . The Zumbathon will be on March 18th from 6pm to 9pm in Civic Park in downtown Hanford. The Egg Hunt will be April 15th from 10 am to 11:30 … Continue reading Upcoming Events in Hanford CA

My talk with CHP Officer Timothy Palmer

Safety, Service and Security CHP Moto A look at how the California Highway Patrol has been affected by COVID-19 I had the pleasure of speaking with Officer Palmer last week at the Hanford CHP Station. Walking into the lobby, I was met by Officer Palmer and we had our introductions. He led me to an open office space where we could do the Q and A portion of our meeting. I started the interview by asking Palmer a bit about himself. He has served California Highway Patrol for fifteen years and been at the Hanford (440) Station for close to … Continue reading My talk with CHP Officer Timothy Palmer

Healing from trauma with a purpose.

I was unwell, so I took a break. In 2020 I had my daughter prematurely. That experience in combination with my past was very hard to handle mentally and emotionally. My child’s NICU stay was one of the toughest things I have ever faced. I learned quite a lot about myself and what was best at that time was to take a step back from writing to focus on my family and the healing process. As I took these last two years to get myself healthy again, I gained a new perspective. I found an avenue I wanted to explore … Continue reading Healing from trauma with a purpose.

My Time With Hanford Fire Department

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to do a ride along as an observer. I met with Fire Chief Pendergrass at seven in the morning and signed the waiver that allowed me to ride along. He explained to me the procedures and responsibilities I had as an observer. I was then introduced to the crew on shift for the day. Captain Dustin Costa, Engineer Matthew Martinez and firefighter Onatis Illan were the gentlemen I spent my day with. I also met the station dog, an english cream golden retriever named Asher. After a delicious bowl of strawberry oatmeal for breakfast, … Continue reading My Time With Hanford Fire Department

A talk with the Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association President and Vice President.

I was able to conduct an interview recently with the President of the KCDSA by the name of Nate Ferrier and his Vice president Cole Souza. Both senior deputies were friendly and easy to talk to. We sat in Deputy Ferrier’s office and chatted about their jobs and what they do for our community. We touched on some tougher subjects and how they were doing overall. We began with introductions as Senior Deputy Ferrier sat to my right and Senior Deputy Souza to my left. After a brief explanation of my interview process our conversation began. I asked what their … Continue reading A talk with the Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association President and Vice President.