My daughter and NICU.

Sweet Baby

My wonderful daughter was born on April 23rd at 31 weeks gestation. She is currently in the hospital in the NICU, aka the neonatal intensive care unit. So far she is doing great.

I was hospitalized due to preterm labor twice with the second go round leading to the emergency caesarean birth of my daughter. The placenta was moments away from rupture.

Both my daughter and I are recovering from the whole ordeal. It hasn’t been easy being home without my child. While my son got to come home with me when he was born, my daughter had to stay. Orion was full term and she is a preemie. That being said she is doing very well.

She is breathing on her own and taking her feedings very well. She has a GI tube for now until she develops the suckle reflex. She was born nine weeks early and doesn’t have the control to breathe, suck, and swallow together yet.

My daughter currently weighs 1650 grams as I write this. That’s the equivalent to 3.6 pounds. She has grown so much since birth. She is such a blessing.

I won’t lie, I’ve has some guilty feelings since her birth. I feel at times that I failed to keep her safe because I was unable to carry to term. I know those feelings are irrational. Still, they are hard to ignore.

I didn’t have a caesarean with my son so that was a whole new experience. Honestly, this hurts less to recover from than last time. I am struggling a bit to be careful with lifting because I can’t pick my son up for 6 weeks. I miss holding him.

My husband is over the moon to have our baby girl be here safe and sound. We had many moments that we could have lost her. I am so thankful that we both made it through birth. I am also thankful for my doctor for his amazing care. Another integral component to the pregnancy making it as far as it did was my mother.

My mother flew from Florida to California to be with me and help me during the pregnancy. She has helped me with my son and pets. She has been there to help me remain calm during stressful moments and celebrate the fact my daughter is here. I can’t thank her enough. With her extra support and love I was able to focus on my pregnancy and not worry too much.